• Twitter Widget Pro

    Twitter Widget Pro is a WordPress widget that handles Twitter feeds. Twitter Widget Pro properly handles twitter feeds, including linking @usernames and #hastags to Twitter, parsing urls into links, allowing you to display your twitter profile image, and even allowing you to specify a custom error message to display when Twitter is down.

    Twitter Widget Pro
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    Take control of your internet. Xavisys offers custom web design and development as well as video and motion graphic services that will give you the online presence you want and need.

  • Control Your Internet

    With today's technology, your web site can be and do practically anything you want it to. You just need someone to guide you through the process. Xavisys has the experience and knowledge to help you take control of your web presence, communicate the right message to your customers, and give you the tools you need to be successful.

    The Xavisys team will create a custom web solution that takes your ideas to the next level. We specialize in open source web development, social networking, ecommerce, CMS (content management system) design and web-based video.

    The Xavisys advantage means creating an internet presence that gives you the control you need to keep your site up to date and fresh. Contact Xavisys today to get started.

Stop Internet Censorship Legislation in the US

I hate politics. I value honesty, morality, and personal responsibility, all of which seem to be overwhelmingly lacking in nearly every area of politics and law making. Having said all that, I still try to follow what’s going on. Why? Well, because I need to know what’s going on if I plan to vote, and how can I expect things to get better (or not get worse) if I won’t do anything... [Read more of this post]

Speaking at WordCamp San Francisco 2011

So it seems I’m speaking at WordCamp SF this year, which is awesome! I’ve attended for the last few years, and it has been instrumental in getting me involved more with the WordPress community and specifically with the development of WordPress. Andy Stratton and I will be presenting Getting Involved: Contribution & Courtesy A conversation about methods of contributing to WordPress... [Read more of this post]

WordPress Dream Theme

James Pearson has always been an inspiration to me. Recently we had a chance to talk about chasing dreams and how the pursuit of dreams has had such a drastic impact on history. As we discussed dreams I spoke of big picture dreams. The life changing stuff. It was inspiring, but that’s for another post. This post is actually about my smaller dreams that I realized later. I want a WordPress... [Read more of this post]

  • WordCamp San Diego 2012

    I'm Speaking at Wordcamp San Diego 2012I'll be speaking at WordCamp San Diego this year on Integrating WordPress with External APIs. We'll look at how to use the WordPress HTTP class, as well as how to handle incoming notifications form services like PayPal. This is an event you don't want to miss!
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